quality data management ouside of the box

Quality Management: The Hidden Value of Quality Data

Everyone has a quality management process in their contact center. Good or bad, you are measuring the quality of your employees work in some way. Maybe a checklist for compliance items, maybe it’s a detailed quality form that measures soft skills and product knowledge. You may even have a formal documented process for how many interactions are measured by an agent on a regular basis. Regardless of what and how you are measuring, you are also likely delivering that feedback to your agents on a regular basis. These are all a great start, but what else are you using - or could you be using - your quality data for? Cliche alert... think outside the proverbial box.

The data you are capturing during the quality management process is a gold mine of insight for your business. One very underutilized connection is recruiting. You’re probably thinking, “How can the quality data from an agent help me possibly recruit?” Oh, it can!

Measuring the right behaviors in your quality process is critical to leveraging the data in other departments. So, first let’s talk about some of the basic soft skills that are very commonly measured during the quality process. By comparing some of your soft skills scores to customer satisfaction scores, you can identify the most impactful soft skills to customer satisfaction. For example, you may find that agents with top notch actively listening skills show a positive correlation to customer satisfaction, where as enthusiastic tone really may not have any. Consequently, that trait is not as critical in the recruiting process.

That is just one example, but you can easily use the same correlation method to identify skills that drive success in sales, service level, net promoter score, or whatever metrics are important to your business. By using the quality data you build a profile for what makes a successful agent that directly relates to success in your business. Utilize this information to recruit individuals that will be successful and drive positive impacts in your center. It’s a win-win for your business because agents want to be successful, and if you are taking the time to identify the right individuals, they will be more satisfied and engaged when they are successful.