Queues Aren't Just for Call Centers...

Recently, I was visiting with an inContact customer who was setting up a new queue for their receptionists.  This was challenging during the first day because the reception desk wasn’t accustomed to answering calls from a queue.  However, once the first half hour pased and they were starting to get the hang of it...they LOVED IT.  They loved the fact that they could see how many people were trying to call them and the performance of how they were doing in routing their calls.


They wanted to get a monitor to see their queue, their SLA, and the longest hold time in the queue for them.  They loved the information, the reporting.  The fact that they were able to account for the calls that were directed to them, how they performed when handling the calls was priceless to them.  They were thrilled to have that level of information available to them.  They had never had this before.


In the end, isn’t that really what a queue is about...it isn’t just about having a place for customer to wait in line for the next available agent, but it is the mechanism by which you can actually account for service that is being rendered by the company.  


If you are lacking any information about calls and performance of anyone in your company, you should consider creating in inbound or an outbound inContact skill (or queue) for them.  The information and reporting you get as a result will enable you to make better decisions about what is going on and improve the customer experience for everyone coming through the telephony front door of your business.


Are you doing something interesting and out of the ordinary with queues?  Share it here or directly with me at greg.smart@incontact.com