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[Report] Contact Center Analytics Adoption Rates Are Low But ROI High

Last month, ContactBabel released their “Inner Circle Guide to Customer Contact Analytics” which contained comparisons of leading contact center analytics technology, documentation of implementation and best practices, and a guide for ROI model building. As part of their report, they also uncovered a few statistics that can help inform our understanding of contact center technology adoption and usage by companies and their customers. Below are a few of the top trends they reported:

1)      U.S. vs. U.K. IVR Usage Varies Significantly: Though there are plenty of cultural differences between the Atlantic partners, one of the most pertinent to contact center industry folks is the fact that in the U.K., only 9% of calls that go into an IVR system are “zeroed-out.” This means that roughly 1-in-10 customers would rather talk to an agent immediately than bother with an IVR. In the U.S., this number is 26%. If you are a U.S. company starting a contact center in the U.K. or vice versa, this is an important statistic that could decide how many agents you end up hiring.

2)      Customer Contact Analytics Adoption is Still Low: ContactBabel dissected their data in a few ways, including looking at contact centers by size. Focusing on customer contact analytics, the research firm found that only 24% of all contact users use an analytics system. However, 43% of large contact centers have a system in place, which tells us that many analytics solutions may be too expensive or that contact center managers do not currently predict a large enough ROI impact in analytics to invest.

3)      Analytics ROI is Significant: Adoption rates across all contact centers may be low, but those who have adopted customer contact analytics are seeing significant returns on their investment. One company that ContactBabel surveyed reported a 41% improved on sales conversions and a 20% increase in collections revenue. They attributed these increases to the fact that they were able to differentiate top performing agents from poor performing agents and then focus on training and coaching programs for missing skills.

4)      Analytics Reduces Real Costs: Another company included in the ContactBabel report described how analytics helped them identify when agents were most utilized. After performing an audit, they realized that only 2% of calls taken at night were critical. This led to company to dramatically decrease their staffing at night and realize a significant cost savings.

There are plenty more stats and stories of how companies are benefiting from customer contact analytics. Download the report today to learn more!