Roadshow Review: Advice for Multi-Location Centers

As you’ve read in previous blogs, inContact is going on a 21-city road show tour across the U.S.  The goal is to bring together local directors and executives and provide a forum to share knowledge and experiences to help solve common contact center challenges. The most engaging portion of the tour has been the best practices presentations by local inContact customers in each city. They’ve been so great that it’s a shame that only attendees in that particular city get to hear them. So I thought we’d post one of them here to give everyone has a chance to share in the wealth. 

At our recent stop in Dallas, Thomas Ahl from H-E-B shared a presentation on “Linking Multi-Location Call Centers”. Thomas shared the challenges their pharmacies faced, the solution they found as well as how they measured the success and ROI on their efforts. He also gave great tips on how to plan for your own multi-location initiative. View his advice in the video of his full presentation below.

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