Roses are red violets are blue. It’s Valentine’s Day give her shoes!

Internet shoe retailer JustFab knows the importance of female focused holidays like Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. They’ve perfected providing the perfect gift for women who celebrate these holidays around the world. To be honest, I hate the time-consuming chore of shopping for clothes. However, when it comes to shoes… well, that’s a whole different story.

Female footwear is a global fashion statement and JustFab has challenged itself to be the female source for shoes through an innovative VIP program. In four short years, JustFab’s VIP membership has grown to over a million members. The program’s unique approach to shoes has continued to fuel their contact center’s volume for sales.

Each month VIP members review new shoe selections available at special pricing and decide by the 5th to purchase or defer to the next month. The VIP program has created a phenomenal member following that creates substantial contact volume, especially with holiday promotions. That’s why it is critical for the contact center to be able to handle customer contacts through any and all channels.

JustFab has a global presence and agents located all around the world. Working collaboratively with the marketing teams to know when promotions are happening has allowed JustFab to manage their call center workforce around any call volume peaks. In the end, the customer receives a high-level experience befitting a JustFab footwear connoisseur.

Speaking about being prepared, I need to prepare my sweetheart for Valentine’s Day by leaving some not-so-subtle hints to read this blog – I need a new pair shoes.