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Scaling a Customer Centric Culture in Your Contact Center

Contact centers of today are not just customer service centers. They are the epicenters of lasting customer experiences (CX) that help brands differentiate and compete better. It has never been more important to create highly personalized connections with your customers -- and connect with them more frequently than ever.  Failure to do so will likely push your best customers into the arms of your competitors. But there are only so many hours in the day, so how do you scale a highly connected, customer centric culture in your contact center, with limited budget?

Here are some considerations as you look to scale a customer centric culture in your contact center.

Today’s customer base is very diverse with newer Millennial and GenZ population who prefer a digital-first engagement. Today’s contact centers not just have to think about omnichannel experience, they have to build a digital-first omnichannel experience – where you meet your customers in their digital channel of choice and assure them a seamless experience across digital and voice channels. Not just customers but contact center operations have to transform to include the multitude of digital channels.

  • Automate with intelligence

With the proliferation of channels and interaction volumes, contact centers are now faced with the need for more and more agents. But agents are the most expensive resource, and it is not scalable to hire agents at the same rate as interaction volume. Explore automation with embedded Artificial Intelligence that can augment your agents and take out the mundane routine from them while they focus on high value interactions.

  • Scale personalized experiences

Close your eyes and think of the best CX you have ever experienced. It is probably a local business with a long relationship that knows you well and is always ready with your favorite. The key challenge is to replicate that experience at scale. The secret lies in learning about your customer preferences continuously and providing the real-time customer context tGrano your agents. Contact Center and CRM duo provide the foundation to help achieve that.

Learn more on how we can solve for each of these aspects. Join Randy Littleson, CMO and SVP of Global Expansion of NICE inContact, at ICMI Connections during his keynote session on the key ingredients to scale a customer centric culture in your contact center. Find him in room Grand F, Wednesday, Oct 30 at 8:05 am for his keynote.