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Seamless CX Meets Strategic AI

Here’s the problem: 91% of customers expect a seamless experience when moving from one method of communication with a company to another (e.g., chat to phone). Yet only 24% of businesses give themselves an excellent rating in providing this seamless customer experience (CX). So, what are these stand-out organizations doing that the other 76% aren’t? You can bet it has something to do with strategic artificial intelligence (AI).

Let’s start by looking at why businesses are turning to AI. Increasingly, contact center leaders are making this transformational decision because they’re ready to:

  • Increase efficiency
  • Boost customer satisfaction
  • Keep up with competitors
  • Improve time to resolution
  • Reduce agent costs

In fact, AI has never been more critical to a successful CX strategy – with the promise of delivering a better experience for customers who are more eager than ever to connect over digital channels. How eager? Our latest CX global benchmark study showed a 63% increase in the number of customers interacting with companies through voice and digital channels, like chat and social media, which is driving up the volume of interactions. How can contact centers keep up with this demand? And do so while simultaneously providing a seamless customer experience?  

It’s important to remember that – although advances in AI-powered conversational chat bots, natural language interactive voice response (IVR) and self-service all contribute to delivering an improved customer experience – AI adoption runs the risk of customer frustration if not applied thoughtfully to the end-to-end customer and agent experience.

Keeping up with evolving technology – and combing through the hype that surrounds AI – can be a real challenge. It’s not surprising that many contact center leaders feel a little unsure of when, where or why to implement AI in their call center operations.

Is AI to be used simply to lower cost and increase efficiency? Which contact center software applications are the best suited for AI? Which AI applications are ready and which need more time to mature?

To learn more about current AI adoption trends and how to get the most out of AI investments, you are invited to join us for our Best Practices Panel with interactive Q&A and audience discussion.

  • How are early adopters investing in AI in customer service today?
  • Where can AI add the greatest benefits?
  • How can contact centers get the most out of AI?
  • What strategies are key for getting started with AI in your contact center?

We’ll share the latest research and recommendations for moving forward with strategic AI initiatives in your contact center, including best practices for piloting AI self-service; modernizing your core platform to take maximum advantage of AI; and planning for a future human and digital virtual workforce.

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