SeaWorld Happily Jumping through Hoops for Guests

SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment operates 12 parks—some seasonal, others year-round—that welcome a steady stream of guests that include families, school groups, kids and adults of all ages. On the front lines of customer service are SeaWorld’s ambassadors, numbering 125 to 300, depending on the season, operating from the company’s single, central contact center in Orlando.

But as the demands on SeaWorld’s contact center grew over the years, its on-premise contact center system kept it stuck in the past. It was losing calls and could not manage fluctuations in call volume. There was little quality management, and the system was costly: SeaWorld was paying for software licenses, even in the off-season when it wasn’t using them.

NICE inContact’s CXone cloud customer experience platform and suite of products brought welcome changes to SeaWorld’s operations. Since the two joined forces, SeaWorld has come to see NICE inContact as a “tremendous asset” and “key player” in realizing some impressive results that include scalability, stability, and flexibility. In fact, the company has seen revenue, satisfaction and efficiency climb, while costs have declined.

CXone’s scalability has allowed SeaWorld’s contact center to adjust to fluctuating call volumes with ease. Efficiency has steadily improved, and SeaWorld’s call volume has skyrocketed 38%!

SeaWorld has incorporated CXone Personal Connection to make proactive, outbound calls to remind guests of payments that are due—increasing payment collections. And as business requirements change, SeaWorld can easily implement additional new CXone functionality to satisfy it, just as it did with CXone Personal Connection.

With the right tools, agent performance has been fine-tuned, too. Adherence is up—in fact, SeaWorld calls CXone Workforce Manager a “real game changer.” And by incorporating results of guest surveys into quality monitoring processes, SeaWorld has been able to align agent performance, based on six core competencies, with guest expectations. As a result, the company continues to see year-over-year increases in guest satisfaction scores.