SENSA's Innovation Improves Customer Retention by 10%

Weight loss innovator, SENSA, provides products that promote a healthy lifestyle and assists customers with appetite suppression. As a direct-to-consumer company, SENSA must provide a stellar customer experience to ensure customer retention, which includes quickly respond to customer inquiries. After adopting the inContact solution, SENSA saw significant results in both agent performance and customer retention:

  • Reduction in agent talk time by 2 minutes
  • Increased Average Speed to Answer (ASA)
  • Improved client retention by 10% - generating hundreds of thousands in direct financial contribution.

How did they get there?

Justin Borah, Customer Service Optimization Manager and the SENSA team began looking for new contact center solutions after their previous system had major outages due to spikes in call volume. With over 5,000 calls a day, outages had a serious impact on revenue and customer experience. Their search led them to implement inContact’s ACD and IVR solutions for 150 agents.

Since implementing inContact, SENSA has taken innovation seriously by developing creative campaigns that impact their bottom line. “Our success as a brand can be directly attributed to our ability to test new marketing and influence customer touch points, using our IVR.  The technology behind SENSA is directly responsible for our ability to rapidly test and respond to new initiatives and ideas,” states Borah.

In October, SENSA was honored with the Mojo Award for Technovation. This win is a great example of how Borah and his team have harnessed the power of technology to drive results. They rolled out a customer retention campaign utilizing inContact’s IVR as a "Hail Mary" for customers wishing to cancel or get a refund. Once a customer selects they would like to cancel, they are redirected to the IVR which offers incentives for them to remain a customer and keep the products they have already received. After implementing this campaign, they saw the strong improvements listed above.

"SENSA demonstrates exemplary progress and innovation through their partnership with inContact. They consistently come up with unique ways to use our platform to their advantage," states Stephen Heath, Customer Success Manager.

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