Skate Where the Puck Is Going to Be: Adapt with Changes to Thrive

We all know that businesses have to adapt with changes in order to thrive and survive. Wayne Gretzky has been known to say, “I skate where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” Some of the most notable successful pivots would include Nokia, moving from a pulp-and-paper company more than 100 years ago into a technology and cell phone leader in the early 2000’s. You might also think of companies like DuPont moving from a gun powder provider to one of the largest manufactures of various crop science, healthcare, electronics, and nutrition products. The big shifts like this take time and vision but the small pivots over shorter periods of time can be just as important.

Growing up my family made a weekly visit to the video store typically Fridays after school so we could pick up some entertainment for the weekend. As technology evolved so too did the location we visited to find our video entertainment. Of all the video store chains none were as successful as Blockbuster with a valuation over $5 billion just 13 years ago. They clearly missed the cue on the shift toward digital. When you think about your business ask yourself if you are shifting with your customers preferences or not?

How does all of this apply to contact centers? Your customers’ needs may be changing, and we’ve seen more channel offerings emerge as well. Are you able to pinpoint how your customers prefer to communicate with you? Are you sure the preferred method is meeting their expectations?

Download this presentation to see how contact centers needs to adapt to stay on pace with their customers. This is what I mean by quoting Gretzky – you need to be preemptive and prepared when those changes happen to ensure future success, or, “skate to where the puck is going to be.”