Social Media In The Contact Center: Should You Be Concerned

Over a decade ago, when the first companies were trailblazing the marketing path into social networks, no one thought we would eventually be talking about using something like Twitter as a mainstream communication channel with our customers. No one predicted that 85% of an enterprise's customer service interactions would happen through social channels by 2020, as Gartner predicts. Or, that within the next two years, large brands like SAP expect social traffic volume to overtake phone volume in all their contact centers, globally. Yet, many companies are still trying to make sense of it all, while attempting to keep pace with rapidly rising consumer expectations.

In a very short time, large brands have to figure out how to scale their ability to respond to social inquires from the contact center. And, do it in a way that isn’t disruptive to their business and doesn’t sacrifice the customer experience during the process. To say that there are a lot of people around the contact center, and around marketing, that are nervous about this change would be an understatement. This year at inContact’s ICUC we will address this, directly.

In our Thursday morning presentation we will cover how the seamless integration of HelpSocial with inContact will bring you intelligently routed tweets, Facebook posts and Instagram comments, but we’ll spend most of the time addressing common concerns of operations. How do you prepare your agents for public social responding? What training do they need and who is going to do it? Where do you start on scaling social responding from marketing to the contact center and how do you organize your teams? What expectations should you set? What metrics should you monitor? Will this create more work for your already-busy agents? We’ll get into it all.

This is our first time at ICUC and we’re extremely excited to meet everyone and talk about the work we’ve been doing with inContact! Our background is rooted in figuring out how to do the job of social customer service at enterprise scale. We’re looking forward to sharing our experiences, relieving concerns and helping inContact customers set up plans for using social to create amazing customer experiences.

Matt Wilbanks is CEO and Co-Founder of HelpSocial, the world’s first social management platform built to scale social media throughout a contact center. Be sure to attend his session at ICUC 2015.