cloud contact center

Start Your Contact Center Move to the Cloud with Workforce Optimization

There is extensive research that shows moving your contact center to the cloud is an inevitable requirement to staying competitive and relevant. In a recent market report, a key finding states

Cloud contact centers have become a necessary step for companies to adopt a systematic approach that enhances performance, channels support and engagement, reporting and analytics to successfully support a customer base where customer preferences keep changing.”

 Thus, it’s no longer a matter of “if” your contact center will move to the cloud, but rather “where” and “when” that cloud transformation begins. While many contact centers begin their cloud journey with omnichannel routing, there are multiple paths to the cloud. An often overlooked approach is to transition workforce optimization functions to the cloud, while keeping your ACD and PBX on-premises.

Moving contact center functions, like workforce management, quality management, and performance management to the cloud first enables contact centers to protect and leverage their existing on-premise investments while gaining the benefits of the latest and greatest workforce optimization offering.

Often referred to as a hybrid cloud solution, contact centers can continue to record interactions and keep media onsite while taking advantage of continuous and seamless workforce optimization software updates without the hassle of disruptive, time-consuming or costly upgrades. Some contact centers must comply with data residency requirements to store all recorded media onsite, or must adhere to special privacy and security protocols related to origin issues.  With a hybrid deployment, all mission-critical data stays inside the network (media remains on premise), and all data transmission is secured using HTTPS.

What’s the point? You can stay in compliance AND take advantage of more modern workforce optimization functionality in the cloud.

No two cloud transformations are identical. For some, it makes sense to start with moving the ACD to the cloud, but for many contact centers workforce optimization is the best steppingstone. A future-proof workforce optimization solution will provide workforce optimization applications working together in a fully unified environment, but also the ability to seamlessly and quickly add additional products – like voice and other digital channels --  in the cloud over time when you’re ready. Using CXone Workforce Optimization Pro integrated with your current on-premises solution, you can benefit from a complete solution with a clear path to fully transition when that day comes.

To learn more about starting your contact center transition to the cloud with Workforce Optimization, access the whitepaper “Modernize Your Contact Center: How to Move to the Cloud with Confidence.“