Step It Up: Build Momentum

I've focused in my last few blog entries about the importance of creating a branded customer experience. In my first post, I talked about the importance of the branded experience. In the next two entries, I broke down the first two steps in the process: 1. Evaluate your current customer experience and 2. Make it predictable. I'd now like to focus on the third step in the process: building momentum.

Now it's time to move into high gear and focus on fine-tuning your approach. As you work to differentiate your organization's service, the customer experience continues to change. Your contact center managers, seeing the positive changes coming from their efforts to stabilize customer outcomes, advance their philosophy by moving beyond the basic strategy defined in step two and defining the desired customer experience for your enterprise. This philosophy has been translated into specific people deliverables: agents who are trained to have the desired skills and behaviors. Contact center processes can now focus on customer measures - outcomes, satisfaction and loyalty. Your technology is already in place, so now is the time to be sure you are using it wisely to provide measurement tools for analyzing customer behavior and the extent to which your organization is meeting their needs.

Analysis of every customer contact creates alarms and alerts for red-flag issues and provides vital new information about customers, their feelings and intent. A powerful workflow engine should 'push' this valuable information and trends to marketing, sales, service, product management, finance, logistics or billing in a timely fashion. This actionable intelligence can now drive enterprise wide, cross-functional process improvement to facilitate an improved customer experience.  Now your customers recognize and enjoy the way in which service is delivered, identify with it and feel confident in achieving their desired outcome.