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Success with inContact: ECSI Sees Measurable Results

In 2011, Heartland Payment Systems - ECSI Campus Solutions (ECSI) was searching for a solution for the company’s 75-seat contact center. As a leader in the student loan management industry since 1972, ECSI needed a tool that could offer visibility into agent performance, efficiency through the right tolls and agility in the marketplace, all with the ability to grow in size and technology. They selected inContact.

Gaining Visibility

Prior to October 2011, ECSI had an inadequate premise-based system. “It didn’t allow us to work as a true contact center,” says Linda Doughty, Call Center QA Manager. The inability to see comprehensive and real-time agent activity was the most significant challenge, which led to inaccurate performance metrics. By selecting adopting the inContact solution, ECSI got the necessary tools to report on their agents across multiple skills and on the overall efficiency of their contact center. “The visibility allows us to see real-time and historical contact and agent information, which is vital to both agent performance and volume management.” Doughty said.

Increasing Productivity

Access to agent performance data allows ECSI to improve contact center representative efficiency. “We never had a way to track productivity per representative. With inContact, our organization was able to reach a new level of professionalism because we now accurately measure agent performance and provide exact statistics,” states Bob Talotta, Director of Call Center Operations. ECSI can now measure Service Level Performance by Agent, Skill, Points of Contact and Campaigns.

Now that ECSI can track performance, they consistently identify specific instances of agent success as well as prime coaching opportunities. Dan Frazier, Chief Operating Officer, shares these statistics with contact center employees. He’s noticed that agent morale improves when they can see they have met or exceeded benchmarks.

Frazier has found that agents are more productive and so is he. “I don’t have to sit right next to the contact center anymore. I pop open the inContact dashboard on my computer, notebook or tablet, and I can monitor the real-time statistics whether I’m at my desk, out traveling or at home,” Frazier Says.

Improving Efficiency and Reducing Costs

With inContact, ECSI improved efficiency and reduced costs by:

  • Utilizing the Universal Queue and skills-based routing to ensure calls are handled by the most qualified representative.
  • Managing increasing call volumes by employing a flexible ACD.
  • Eliminating the need for a dedicated IT staff and having managers make IVR changes on their own.
  • Seeing a 20% increase in overall agent productivity.
  • Using the inContact solution, ECSI reduced the fixed, variable expenses for toll-free and outbound solutions to such an extent it has almost paid for the application.

“Our old system was an administrative nightmare, but now we let the technology do the work for us,” Doughty says. The simplicity of the inContact solution allows ECSI to make changes on the fly and focus on business goals.

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