Suggested Reading Material to Understand What SaaS is All About...

I recently re-read the book "The Big Switch - Rewiring the World, from Edison to Google" by Nicholas Carr and would recommend it to anyone who is looking for an explanation as to why SaaS is such a big deal.  The author does an excellent job of detailing the history of electricity and computing and draws the analogy that SaaS is as revolutionary to our world today as electricity was in its time.   Before electricity, companies would have to generate their own power and create the millwork within their business to take advantage of that power to produce their products.  Much like today, businesses have their own "digital millwork" of servers and applications and networks that they must maintain in order to perform their core business.  SaaS applications like inContact step in like an electric utility to provide the services that are needed by the business without the business having the maintain and manage the extra servers and applications that are extraneous to their core products.  The fundamental question is, Why do you want to be in the business of building and managing some applications when you can just have them delivered to you at a lower cost by a specialist in that application?  The Big Switch does a good job explaining the rational behind the switch that happened when we moved to electricity and the inevitable switch to moving to software delivered as a service.

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