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Superior Contact's Contact Center Scales to Deliver to Global Client Base

Like a lot of contact centers, Superior Contact, a subsidiary of TelNet Worldwide, found itself at a fork in the road: Keep pouring resources into its outdated premise-based contact center software system or take the leap into the cloud with new and knowledgeable partner. Because the company provides sales, technical and business process support services to other contact centers, a lot was riding on its choice of a vendor.

Now with NICE as its partner, Superior Contact has never looked back. The CXone cloud platform, a Contact center software solution, and CX solutions have provided the stability and reliability to meet its clients’ business needs, including each client’s established SLAs, or service level agreements. In fact, near-perfect uptime and the ability to quickly scale to handle virtually any amount of business have become important selling points when Superior brings on new clients.  With CXone’s flexibility, the company can also customize its services for clients—by branding CXone chat, for example—and with CXone Recording, can easily provide clients with call transcripts.

Being in the cloud has enabled Superior to develop a remote workforce that is motivated and effective. With just laptops, a browser and sign-on information, these work-from home agents can be anywhere and can immediately log in in response to text alerts. This is a huge factor in Superior’s scalability and its ability to consistently deliver on client SLAs.

Agents benefit, too. Superior has found that work-from-home agents are among its best performers and tend to top the company’s retention rates. Not only do they enjoy location flexibility, they also regularly receive bonuses for meeting adherence goals. The company relies on CXone Reporting to track agent progress as well as its own KPIs.

It’s no wonder Superior Contact/TelNet Worldwide IT Manager Gretchen Green describes its relationship with NICE as “a wonderful experience.”

Improving it's call center software has helped Superior achieve it's business goals.