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Swedish Rail Unifies Contact Center Operations with Cloud

Every day, 140,000 people depart from one of Swedish Rail’s 284 stations, traveling on one of its 1,200 daily routes between major cities in Sweden and the Scandinavian capitals of Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo.  In the course of planning and traveling, customers contact Swedish Rail for a variety of reasons, from checking on delayed trains to disturbances on the tracks—volume that rises considerably during bad weather and vacations. About 800,000 of these interactions are handled each year by Swedish Rail’s 200 advisors, working from two contact center locations about 100 kilometers apart.

But physical distance wasn’t the only thing separating the two contact center locations. Operating on two different platforms made it very difficult for them to function as a whole. Among the many challenges was Swedish Rail’s limited visibility into the contact centers’ overall performance.

By standardizing  operations on CXone, however, Swedish Rail has been able to implement multiple interaction channels, including phone, email, SMS and social media. The company has also created custom dashboards that give its advisors continuous insight into their performance, which has increased their engagement and moved them toward becoming self-governing teams, a key company goal.

Having engaged Webhelp, a global BPO (business processor outsourcer) and NICE DEVone partner for assistance, Swedish Rail found that the move to a cloud contact center solution has provided the reliability and broader functionality it was looking for, not to mention real-time performance data for employee coaching and development. It’s all added up to an improved customer experience and rising customer satisfaction. And consolidating on the CXone platform has advanced Swedish Rail’s quest to be the number one transportation company in the Nordic region.