Tailor Customer Experience for a Better Fit - Learn from TechStyle and Forrester

Recently TechStyle underwent a massive change in their approach to solving their contact center technology needs to address the customer experience journey. TechStyle is global retailer consisting of a collection of apparel brands with over 4.5 million VIP members selling throughout North America, Europe, and Australia. With five Contact Center locations in four different countries servicing seven different languages supported by 1,000 employees, changes to technology come with a lot of preparation, vetting, and strategy.

They set out to consolidate from multiple automatic call distribution (ACD) and workforce management (WFM) solutions, and with a simultaneous aim to expand the number of communication channels they offered to consumers. Although this was no easy feat TechStyle managed to move to a global ACD, a global email and chat platform, and a global WFM solution. Additionally their newly deployed strategy provided new automation capabilities, simplified routing, improved oversight and control while simultaneously reducing the effort required to manage virtually every aspect of their contact center technology.

Forrester Research has shared some incredible insights on core operating principles, the ongoing shifts in customer expectations, and how businesses can adapt and change for the better while also simplifying efforts, like TechStyle did. Some of the research has led me to believe that there is a strong connection between a smooth contact center operation and meeting or exceeding customer expectations.

Hear what Forrester Research has to say about the ever-changing world of customer expectations and how you can prepare and execute to stay on pace.

You will also hear how TechStyle managed to become a high-efficiency contact center operation to better meet customer expectations.