Taking the Guesswork Out of Outbound: 3 Benefits of Predictive Dialing

Outbound calling is a bit like walking a tightrope. There is a delicate balance between having enough agents to effectively conquer your calling lists, and not overestimating the time and resources it will take to complete calls. So how do you line up all of the moving parts and endless variables to come up with a plan that feels more like science and less like hoping for the best? That’s where predictive dialing comes in. It predicts (with a shocking amount of accuracy!) how long it will take a human being to connect with and handle a call. It also screens out answering machines, busy signals, bad numbers and more—all behind the scenes. Still not sure what all of the fuss is about? Here are three proven benefits of predictive dialing that can make a big difference in your contact center.

Lower Costs and Higher Sales

By connecting faster and with more live numbers, predictive dialers:

  • Allow contact centers to place a smaller burden on their voice channel
  • Reduce the number of outbound agents needed per shift
  • Ensure that the right calls are routed to the right agents at the right time
  • All of these factors lead to smarter resource management, a lower cost-per-dial and a potential increase in outbound sales and/or collections.

    Better Service and Happier Customers

    Predictive dialing algorithms are constantly recording data and making adjustments. They know the best times to call based on connection rates and can even incorporate data from your CRM and prior call dispositions to ensure a better customer response. Knowing how many times you’ve called a particular number, as well as the outcome of each call, sets your outbound team up for a successful interaction.

    Increased Agent Efficiency and Better Utilization

    Aside from the obvious benefit of eliminating manual dialing, a no-pause predictive dialer like inContact Personal Connection can:

    • Enable blending, so your agents can take inbound calls in between dialing campaigns—instead of sitting in idle time
    • Know the number of agents you need, and the time it will take them to complete a campaign
    • Drastically reduce the likelihood of agents wasting their time on bad numbers or answering machines
    • Already be dialing the next number to assign to the next available agent—before they even disconnect from the previous call
    • Eliminate the “pause” before the agent connects to the call, creating a smooth “hello” for the customer
    • As you build your outbound strategy, stop walking that tightrope. Automate intelligently and let your dialer do the hardest work for you. Gone are the days of manual dialing lists and agents dialing number after number, just hoping for a connection. Empower your agents with the tools they need to give your customers a better experience.

      Happy dialing!