Teleflora Business Blossoms with Consistent Customer Experiences


Who hasn’t been thrilled to receive a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers on a special occasion? A lot goes on behind the scenes to make that happen, and Teleflora® is a major driver of that process, connecting customers to more than 33,000 member and affiliated florists all over the world.

In short, florists depend on Teleflora to get it right. Jeff Griffith, Director of TelCo and IT Services, describes it this way: “If the florists succeed, Teleflora succeeds. If we stumble, that impacts the florists’ bottom line.”

Although Teleflora was doing well, it suspected that it could be doing much better. Griffith says the company knew it was losing calls—and business—especially during peak times over major holidays. With “five disparate call centers, each with its own PBX-ACD,” though, capacity couldn’t be expanded without upgrading outdated systems.

The move to NICE inContact’s CXone integrated call center cloud platform proved to be a winner almost immediately. “…Right off the bat, [we were] answering all the customers’ calls,” Griffith says. “On Valentine’s Day that first time on [CXone], we actually had 64% more offered calls than the previous Valentine’s Day! So now we knew how many calls we were actually blocking once we were allowed to take everything on a platform that scales to that. Obviously if you can handle all your traffic you’re going to make more money for yourselves and your florists.”

Scaling up during peak periods means bringing on 40 to 100 people every day, who, Griffith says “flow right into (CXone’s) WFO solution.” The consistency that a single platform affords saves “tons and tons of time” and has made training easier for agents who no longer have to learn five different interfaces. Agents who interact with customers can now provide the “same high level response and care across all channels” he says.

For Teleflora customers, too, CXone has made a big difference. “With NICE inContact CXone, we can deliver fast, reliable and consistent customer experience,” Griffiths says. “Customers walk away going, ‘Wow, that wasn’t hard at all. …they took care of me…and gave me the channel I wanted to do it with. I walked away happy.’”

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