The Future Shines Bright for Sunrun with Increased Contact Center Conversion Rates

The largest residential solar company in the U.S., Sunrun, is on the leading edge of the clean power revolution. But until recently, its contact center was stuck in another era. With the move to NICE inContact CXone, however, the company is well on its way to its mission to create a planet run by the sun.

As part of a fast-growing company in a hot market, its contact center is a hard-working one. It needs to not only deliver on the company’s commitment to providing excellent customer service to current customers—160,000-plus in 22 states—but also helps the company achieve its sales goals by making outbound calls to potential customers. Sunrun’s previous contact solution presented stumbling blocks to those goals in a number of areas, included staffing, reporting—and significantly, being able to take full advantage of Salesforce.

Those were all key drivers in Sunrun’s decision to select NICE inContact CXone, especially Salesforce integration through CXone Agent for Salesforce®.  And beyond that, Sunrun utilizes a full suite of CXone solutions, from CXone Workforce Management Enterprise to inViewTM Performance Management for CXone to CXone Personal Connection for outbound calls, just to name a few.

With the ongoing service and support of NICE inContact, Sunrun has never looked back. Call routing accuracy has skyrocketed, outbound conversion rates are on the rise, and the acquisition marketing spend has actually dropped. Agent productivity is way up, and most importantly, perhaps, key measures show that the customer experience has improved significantly.

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