The Human Factor in Digital Customer Experience – Free Report

Technology has dramatically changed consumer expectations over the last 10 years with companies who want to lead in the digital customer experience finding ways to utilize technology in smarter ways. While continuing to innovate with new technology, companies still need to remain focused on the human factor--customer needs for convenience as well as access to customer service agents when needed. New technology can enhance both agent-assisted and self-service interactions.

Forrester Research, one of the most influential research and advisory firms in the world, reports regularly on digital customer experience trends. So what trends will have an impact in 2017? In this new report, “Digital Customer Experience Trends, 2017”, Forrester examines how technology is recasting the way customers interact with companies. In addition, technology is being used to also improve employee experience which in turn impacts customer experience. In both trends, the report illustrates how companies maintain the human element as the umbrella to the innovation.

Trend 1 focuses on technology advancing the user interface.

The biggest thing trending right now is the use of bots and artificial intelligence (AI). But this will mean that companies will need to provide this smart technology by “weaving human conversational logic into interaction design.”1

The use of biometrics is also mentioned in the reports and can make personalized experiences more streamlined. I just flew back from San Francisco and a representative from Clear (who Forrester mentions in its report) pulled me aside and showed me their new, biometric-responsive set up for flight screening so you can skip the airport security line. Pretty cool you can scan your fingers, it reads your retina, and bam – you’re verified and ready to fly.

Trend 2 in the Forrester report talks about the process and bringing innovation home to empower service employees and provide better collaboration between the user interface and customer experience. This is a strong recommendation to not lose sight of the human aspects of customer experience.

Forrester suggests that companies should put “human needs over technology,” bring “innovation into the heart of the business,” rely on KPIs that make sense to what you are trying to achieve, and “striking a balance between customer needs and those of employees and society.”1

Innovative companies look to new technology to engage in new ways with their customers. Forrester’s report provides some good examples and advice on how to create exciting new digital customer experiences. Get your copy of the complimentary report here.

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