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The inContact Community is Growing

We believe one of the secrets for long-term success is creating a thriving community of customers and partners. In 2013, the inCloud partner network continues to prosper with a new partner directory and app showcase. Now the inContact web site offers a single place to turn for all customer-facing business solutions. inContact customers can browse partner apps, read details about each partner’s services and get in touch directly just by filling out a web form.

Current applications and services include:

  • CRM/Agent Desktop
  • Customer Experience
  • Mobile
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Social Media
  • Workforce Optimization

inCloud gives partners the ability to quickly and easily integrate with the inContact platform. The 13.1 inContact software release includes API’s for real-time data, admin and chat. These APIs are designed to help transform internal and external facing dashboards and mobile apps to best fit different business needs.

"The inContact REST-ful APIs were very easy to understand and consume. Using the sample code I was very quickly able to understand and integrate the API into our iOS application code." Josh Wagner, Veracity Solutions

More resources are coming in April to support partners including SDKs, more APIs, documentation and quick start videos.

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The inCloud ecosystem brings together the thinking and innovation of inContact, third-party developers and service providers to help build tomorrow’s contact center—today.