The inContact Platform – Part 1

At inContact, we know that we’re early adopters and pioneers of SaaS technology.  My blood runs inContact orange, so when I hear that there’s a new “hot” acronym out there in my world, I have to investigate and share.  The latest term?  Here’s a hint: It has nothing to do with Easter egg dye, although you might think so at first glance.  The term is PaaS (pass, not paws), where the P stands for Platform.

Platform-as-a-Service is the embodiment of a SaaS technology that has embraced extensibility and application development as part of their platform.  Think, Google AppEngine and

PaaS says that there is a ready-made platform for developers to build and deploy applications, typically in a hosted environment, without the blockers of access to necessary hardware and/or software.  This means that everything I need is delivered to me on a silver platter via the web.  If you’ve developed traditionally, you know that is a HUGE deal.

The coolest thing is that you don’t have to be a hard core developer, breaking into your prep-school on late nights to use the tools that are made available in the PaaS capacity.  It is a revolutionary technology that makes development available to various skill levels and removes many barriers to innovation. The interfaces are simple, and provide powerful functionality. 

We’ve been on the PaaS bandwagon for quite some time. inContact Studio, for example, has a drag and drop feature that even my wife could use (seriously, I tested her). This simple feature has call center managers manipulating their call flows without a “developer” in sight.

As part of this series, I will showcase some of the tools that inContact has been developing in this industry trend and what this means to our customers; as well as current and future developers on the inContact platform.