The Knowledge Balancing Act

I’m a wife, a mother of three children and two black Labrador dogs, a grandmother of one and a half grandchildren, and I manage knowledge at inContact as my career.  Often I find myself trying to find a balance between work and home life.  I have information everywhere, but none of it is in one spot.  I find myself forgetting things like who needs me where, when bills are due, upcoming appointments and meetings I have, etc. My knowledge is everywhere and I can’t find it anywhere. Keeping it all straight can be tricky. 

I’ve worked as a Knowledge Manager for the last 11 years, with a few different corporations.  The theme or problem around knowledge always seems to be the same chaos as I described in my own personal life, only with MUCH more information to track and organize on a corporate level.  Every employee has knowledge from their years of experience, all of which is kept everywhere.  Knowledge is in email folders, shared internal drive folders, personal computer folders, notes on desks etc. It’s hard to find, as well as being outdated and inconsistent.  Does this sound familiar?

Here at inContact we are working on combining our known issues with our customers’ experience to offer our knowledge in a way that is accurate, findable, AND can all be found in one place.  Our goal is to capture it in a way that our customers can find answers quickly.  We offer this information through a self-service portal so our company knowledge and customer experience can be available 24/7.

What’s so cool about knowledge and collectively gathering what we know?

Using our “Support” website will offer you:

  • Enhanced web support 24/7/365
  • Quick, accurate answers to documented known issues in one place
  • The ability to open, review, or modify a support case
  • Browse more than 1,000 knowledge articles
  • The ability for us to improve our products by tracking usage of the articles in our knowledgebase

We understand that not everyone wants to use a self-service portal and that some of our customers would rather call into the call center and talk to a “real” person.  We will still offer that option to our customers.

This is such an exciting process, and I’ll keep you updated on what we’re doing in our knowledgebase and industry best practices to improve your own knowledge base in future posts.