The New Developer Portal - Truly a One-Stop-Shop

You have decided to start an integration project for your inContact contact center deployment with one or more other business critical applications. You have the resources that can do an optimal job because they have intimate knowledge of requirements and applications. However, you also know that your developers are not yet very familiar with the interfaces on the inContact end that they will integrate against. In order to make your integration project fast, efficient and successful, they will need help and support to quickly come up to speed on inContact’s RESTful APIs and SDKs. And in the longer term, your developers will also need a convenient way to stay informed on any new functionality in terms of RESTful APIs that will become available with coming inContact releases, for an easy way to extend the scope of your integration if desired in the future. In order to minimize time to proficiency and keep your developers up to speed, inContact has recently released our new Developer Portal – it provides a wealth of tools and information that will help your developers to come up to speed quickly, and remain informed of new functionality becoming available. The Developer Portal provides access to every single one of the over 120 RESTful APIs currently available. As new APIs become available, they will be published on the Developer Portal with each new inContact release. The APIs calls currently available are structured by application areas on the Developer Portal: the areas are AdminAPI, AgentAPI, Real-Time DataAPI and PatronAPI:


Each RESTful API call can be exercised right off the Developer Portal against data from your own Business Unit. Any RESTful API request will require a valid API token, which is retrieved via an OAuth2 authentication process. Because the RESTful API works over HTTPS, it can be used from any platform, programming language, or environment that supports HTTPS (pretty much every language and environment there is). Other than that, you will require an inContact username and password as well as an API application registered in Central in order to access the API documentation. Documentation on our RESTful APIs is currently provided in the form of Tutorials and References. The Developer Portal also has an FAQ section; this section as well as the documentation will be further amended as additional questions come up in the Developer Community, and as new RESTful APIs are made available.

Dev Port

Two final thoughts regarding integration with inContact’s contact center platform: many other companies regard published interfaces as something that is made available to the Developer Community exclusively for catering to 3rd party integration requirements. This can sometimes mean that those interfaces lag behind actual platform functionality, or are treated with less focus than other areas of the application. We at inContact have deliberately taken a different approach: you and your developers get access to the APIs that we ourselves use to further develop our platform. This means that our APIs are meticulously kept up to date, and have been exercised and qualified in real world scenarios before ever you consume them in your own applications. And remember: for inContact customers, using the new Developer Portal for integration is absolutely free charge! Access the Developer’s Portal at using your customer credentials - or ask for a demonstration today!