The Perfect Storm

Technology makes everything easier, right? You can make calls from the pool, you can tweet from the top of a roller coaster, and you can check your bank balance day or night (via phone, web or mobile app). All of this convenience for us consumers is creating a "perfect storm" for customer service providers.

As self-service, social media and smart phones become more and more prevalent in the lives of consumers, contact centers need to keep pace with the evolution - primarily to differentiate themselves in a rapdily evolving marketplace.

The keynote address in our 21-city Problem Solved tour covers each of these topics and gives pointers on how contact centers need to change to keep up. Additionally, each city features 3-4 contact center operators who talk about how they have solved problems like these and others in their call centers, improving their overall operations. In fact, you can find a great recap of the Problem Solved road shows in this article from 1to1 Media.

If you haven't attended one of our Problem Solved road shows, don't worry... you'll have several more chances throughout 2011. We'll be stopping in both Minneapolis and Philadelphia on June 22. You can register for either city here.