The Power of Face-to-Face Networking

Last week, I emceed the second stop on our 21-city Problem Solved tour – in beautiful, spring-like Atlanta, Georgia.  It was an amazing event with a huge turnout – bringing together customers and prospects from a wide variety of industries - from manufacturing, to health care, to government, to financial services.  The folks in the room represented an eclectic mix of roles – IT, contact center managers, strategic planners and business owners. But they shared one common concern – how to enhance the service that they provide to their most important customers and use it to create a compelling competitive advantage in their marketplace.

Never before have we had so many tools and information sources to help us be effective in our daily lives.  Websites, do-it-yourself videos, eBooks, daily news feeds and blogs much like this one.  But despite this virtually endless information pool, there’s nothing more powerful than a story.  A story about how someone like you had a challenge and overcame that challenge to create a new way of doing business.  And there’s no better way to share that story than through face-to-face networking events like our Problem Solved Tour.  It’s a chance to jump off the treadmill for a few hours – away from the continuous ping of email and the constant interruption of IM.  It’s a chance to hear about building best practices in your contact center and to get to know people that you can turn to for help and suggestions.

Want to build your own local network of like-minded professionals who share your challenges and can help you be a change agent in your organization? Join us for our next stop on the Problem Solved TourDallas, Texas on April 14th.  Or Washington, DC on April 27th.  Or New York on May 25th.  

Wherever you are, we’ll be there.  Problem solved.