call center zombie

The Zombie Apocalypse of Call Centers

Think about all of the zombie movies, both past and present. Are there any similarities between the zombies in those settings and your call center? Think about it. The zombies huddle together, walk aimlessly without a goal, and are literally emotionless until provoked. Then, disaster strikes. Again, does this sound familiar? Most call center agents sit within their team, without a goal, and emotionless until provoked or prodded. They are disengaged, disempowered, and unmotivated. This is detrimental to building a successful campaign, maintaining happy customers, and transforming your business. According to Gartner, nearly 70% of business transformation efforts fail due to lack of employee engagement. ClearView dynamically empowers employees by providing agent-level performance dashboards, voice-of-the-agent surveys, and gamifying their work environment.


The large majority of call centers rely heavily on reports that show performance totals from the previous day – or even an aggregate of the entire week – because they cannot report on their data real-time. Through robust APIs and automatic data imports, we provide real-time reporting dashboards that show performance totals at the company level, by specific teams or campaigns, and even down to the individual agents. Permitting agents to monitor their own performance offers them autonomy and allows them to make adjustments throughout the day to improve their performance.


Agents are on the frontline of your business; they deal with difficult customers; and they want their voice to be heard. Our voice-of-the-agent surveys engage and empower employees by gauging and improving their job satisfaction. Create the survey within our system and let the agents do the talking. These surveys can be manually assigned or automatically distributed based on the agents’ performance.


Key to effectively motivating employees is incentivizing them to perform better on your KPIs. Many companies do this by giving prizes or playing games, but let’s be honest, it is almost always a manual, tedious process. We automate this process and intelligently award agents based on their performance. You specify the KPIs and the performance objectives and let the agents go to work. Award them with badges and ClearView Coins to incentivize them to reach new personal records.

Stop trying to manage “zombies” and empower your agents to drive their own performance. Give them the tools they need to have their voice be heard, make real-time changes throughout the day to achieve higher performance, and receive the rewards they deserve.

This article was originally published by ClearView.