Time Keeps on Slippin'… Ever Notice How Nothing Holds Still

What does Steve Miller and his song, "Fly Like an Eagle" have to do with PCI DSS or Facebook?  Not a darned thing, except the lyrics that tell us “Time keeps on slipping in to the future.”  Information systems technology is certainly slipping into the future at a tremendous rate.  Witness changes in regulations, virtualized computing, increases in network capacity and changes in how we communicate, i.e. social media.  Welcome to the future.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard – or PCI DSS, defines the set of controls that the credit card providers (VISA, MasterCard, etc.) have defined as best practices for creating a secure environment for credit card data.   Because information technology changes so quickly, standards must continually be updated.  Hence the new PCI DSS Version 2.0, released on 10/28/2010, which is designed to provide greater clarity and improved understanding of the PCI DSS requirements.  To keep up with those changes, several of us from inContact were at a class last week.  But regulatory changes are just part of the picture.

Computers and operating systems are changing yearly, growing more powerful and more complex. Using virtualization, one computer can be configured to act as many virtual computers.  Data networks have grown from 10 Mb (Ethernet)  to 100 Mb (FastE), to 1000 Mb (GigE) and now 10 Gig networks are showing up and soon you may be looking at 100 Gig Ethernet .  Finally, these technology changes are driving new cultural trends.  Facebook, YouTube, SMS and other social networking sites and technologies are changing the way in which we communicate.   Whew!

The moral to my little story is that change is a powerful fact and phenomenon. Be they changes to regulations, computer and network technologies or social trends.  Change  creates stress on a business, but it also creates opportunities and the cloud is one of those opportunities. As a SaaS provider, inContact allows contact centers to stay on the leading edge of technology and social trends. Every year we invest millions to advance the technology of our platforms. We analyze the changes and trends in the contact center market.  We invest time and money following the changing regulations and standards. The cloud provides solutions that simply cannot be ignored.

If you are struggling to keep up, I encourage you to look at inContact as a solution to your contact center problems, because "Time keeps on slippin…"