Tips and Tricks: Find a True Cloud Provider

The UK Cloud Contact Centre market is extremely fragmented with a range of suppliers from traditional on premise systems now offering ‘cloud’, organisations offering ‘hosted’ solutions badged as ‘cloud’ and there are the ‘cloud’ only providers.

This causes a world of confusion for organisations wishing to replace their on premise solution or for new companies wanting to go straight for the benefits of the ‘cloud’.

A true ‘cloud’ provider with all the benefits that the cloud brings can be identified by asking one question – ‘Is your service multi-tenanted?’ or even better ‘do all your customers use the same single application or are there multiple instances for each customer?’. If the answer to the first is ‘yes’ and the answer to second question is ‘the same single application’, then you are talking to a true cloud contact vendor.

Having established this, normally the next step is to find out whether the vendor provides a true enterprise grade, feature-rich solution or not. Depending on the size of your organisation there are two key points that are normally of interest – ‘does your service support multichannel, including social media?’ and ‘do you provide workforce management or workforce optimisation?’. Assuming the response you get to both is ‘yes’, you are dealing with an enterprise-grade solution.

The final major concern that most companies have for a cloud solution is ‘how will the calls get delivered into my contact centre?’ If the supplier you are talking to has a connectivity team or telco division then more than likely they will have the knowledge, expertise and network to deliver the calls to you in a variety of different ways. This then becomes a matter of working out the best solution either using your existing telco supplier or a cloud contact centre solution to provide what you need.

inContact’s responses to the above three questions are ‘yes, yes and we have a connectivity team, we’ll sort this out for you’. As a global market leader, we also provide a world-wide solution from 10 to thousands of seats. If you would like to know more about how we do this, please visit our website.