To Unlock True Benefits of Digital Transformation Moving to the Cloud is First Step

As more enterprise organizations move their businesses to the cloud, many of them are surprised to learn that the biggest payoffs from transformational change are unlocked after moving their call center software technology platform to the cloud.  Sheila McGee-Smith, founder of McGee-Smith Analytics, says, “True digital transformation touches every part of the business, but it begins in the contact center with customer care.”  Why?  Because nowhere else in the organization can you see immediate, dramatic revenue impact than in the heart of contact center, where customers are turned into either lifetime buyers or unhappy detractors.

How do you get started on the path to transformational change?  Here is the story of one enterprise organization that accomplished that and much more.

LanguageLine Solutions, the global language translation services leader, realized that their on-premises Avaya solution was not working for them anymore.  It was unable to scale, costly to maintain, and most importantly, prohibited the growth and innovation they knew they needed to transform their business from an IVR/voice-only service into a true digital platform.  Recognizing the urgency to positively disrupt their business and sieze market share, LanguageLine decided to move 100% of their business to the cloud.

They were growing at a rapid pace and had confidence that their growth was going to continue – if they could continue to innovate.  They needed the elasticity and high availability of the cloud to avoid the wasteful overprovisioning of capital equipment and non-value added IT resources “to keep the lights on” that their prior on-premises solution would have required to sustain their growth.  After successfully moving their operations to the cloud, with 8,000+ agents servicing 25,000+ global customers, they saw dramatic improvements to customer service metrics and connect time—even in the midst of rapid organizational growth and change--but they didn’t stop there.

Jeff Cordell, CIO and VP of Technology at LanguageLine Solutions, realized that the cloud was just the starting point.  They continued to leverage and extend the inContact Customer Interaction Cloud to incorporate sophisticated automation processes and machine learning to the tune of an $18M+ annual reduction in operational expenditures. Rather than resting on their laurels with that accomplishment, Jeff and his team decided to take their digital transformation a step further with cutting-edge video interpretation services that garnered a great deal of media attention as well as the attention of an interested buyer, resulting in the successful sale of LanguageLine Solutions for over $1.5B.  All made possible because of their initial move to the cloud and their persistent innovation once they got there.

To hear more from about what it takes to achieve true digital transformation, join us for a webinar with NoJitter on April 19th at 1:00 pm CDT as Jeff speaks with Sheila McGee-Smith about best practices, trends and practical advice for using the cloud as a springboard for transformational change.