Top 10 Things Call Center Agents Wish They Had

Every year at our inContact User Conference (ICUC) we have a really fun general session called The Early Morning Show. It's a talk show style show featuring the usual fare of talk shows - celebrity guests, games, and, of course, a Top 10 list. I'd like to share with you the Top 10 list we featured at ICUC 2011 as a bit of a holiday gift.

Top 10 Things Call Center Agents Wish They Had

10. Voice automated polygraph

9. Ability to "fire" callers

8. Filter that makes you sound like your manager

7. Jedi mind tricks

6. Translator that turns profanity into professional jargon

5. Call list of 10 year olds in every neighborhood to help with technology

4. Gigantic hand to come through the phone for slapping

3. Functioning Magic 8 Ball

2. Janet Jackson's headset from the "Janet" tour

1. Wrong answer buzzer

I always like to expand on these lists, so if you have any recommendations of what would make yours or your agents' lists, please comment below.