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Know where You Stand and Take Steps to Improve

How does your contact stack up next to industry peers and what steps do you need to take to improve? Our new benchmark assessment tool uses best practice data from hundreds of surveys conducted by the Aberdeen Group. After you define your job function, you’re taken to a customized assessment that asks about your primary goal and...

The NICE Community is Growing

We believe one of the secrets for long-term success is creating a thriving community of customers and partners. In 2013, the inCloud partner network continues to prosper with a new partner directory and app showcase. Now the NICE web site offers a single place to turn for all customer-facing business solutions. NICE customers can browse partner apps,...
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Big Milestone: Major New Release of NICE CXone Cloud Software

As the cloud contact center leader, it's our role to deliver powerful innovation that allows our customers to dramatically enhance their service delivery strategies." - Paul Jarman, CEO of NICE CXone. Innovation is a big commitment, and this month we're rolling out the first of our major updates for 2013. When we spoke with analysts and press contacts last week,...
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Proof in the Cloud - a New Decision Tool

There's a lot of press and content already about the glories of the cloud. Today we're releasing a new decision-making tool: "10-Point Checklist: Choosing the Right Cloud Contact Center." This checklist gives you some hard questions to ask cloud contact center vendors. The majority of companies have already implemented at least one cloud technology or will be doing...

A Taxi Took Away My Nightmares

Traveling for work can be a nightmare, especially when you don’t carry a Platinum, Diamond, or King/Queen of the Universe status with your preferred hotels and airlines like me. I just reached peasant level with my hotel and airline. However, I have experienced a heightened base level of service with one company that has kept me using...