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Make it Easy Give Customers the Support Experience They Expect and Value

Make it Easy - Give Customers the Support Experience They Expect and Value

In the first post of this three part series, Effective Customer Service Can be the Key to Small Business Growth, we talked about how small businesses need to protect their existing customer base if they want to achieve meaningful, sustainable growth. Providing effective customer service, in which issues are solved competently during the first contact, is a good step in this direction.
CXone: Leading the Industry by Putting Customers and Agents First

CXone: Leading the Industry by Putting Customers and Agents First

Businesses today are in the unique position of balancing widespread disruption with consistently growing customer expectations. For customers, a tumultuous cultural environment, a public health crisis and economic uncertainty are not valid reasons for businesses to drop the ball on experience. Rather, quite the opposite. Now is the most important time to deliver on a brand promise of exceptional experiences – or risk damaging these critical relationships. In fact, our NICE inContact CX Transformation Benchmark study has shown that 81 percent of customers say they will switch to a competitor after a single poor experience.
Enabling an Agile Workforce for Organisational Success

Enabling an Agile Workforce for Organizational Success

The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly put a strain on the workforce, and many organizations are reviewing their current strategies to ensure business continuity as the crisis continues. To successfully navigate the pandemic and achieve positive business outcomes, companies need to take strategic and meaningful steps towards building a more flexible working environment that enables agile and remote working practices.
Call center agent uses open platform in their contact center.

Five Reasons To Be Open-minded About Using an Open Platform in Your Contact Center

In this digital era, people are used to instant access to anything, at any time, on any device. It’s no wonder that when consumers contact your business—whether it’s to make a purchase or report an issue—they expect that same instant experience. And bearing the brunt of these ever-increasing customer demands are contact centers. You need a platform that not only handles voice and digital channels, but also gives your agents and supervisors the tools they need to be efficient and effective.
Making Cents of Customer Lifetime Value

Making Cents of Customer Lifetime Value

If you manage a call center or are responsible for delivering customer services, you undoubtedly have noticed a shift away from simply providing good customer service and a new-found focus for creating great customer experiences. Well, its not so much of a shift as it is a realization that customer service is a major component of, and driver for, customer experience.