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Quality Management Calibration

Quality Management Basics in Today’s Contact Center: Part 2

In Part One of this two-part series, we explored quality forms, quality plans, and evaluations as basic -but critical – components of an effective quality management program. Using the analogy of quality management being a never-ending roadtrip, we said that creating quality forms and plans was similar to mapping a roadtrip, and that completing evaluations were like actually driving and embarking on the trip.
Workforce Management Software withstanding the mandatory Digital Transformation

Can Your Workforce Management Software Withstand the Mandatory Digital Transformation?

To workforce management outsiders, forecasting in a traditional contact center has always been a bit confounding. Erlang C, Box-Jenkins ARMIA, exponential smoothing – oh my! And that was just when we only had basic interaction channels like voice, email, and chat! But as consumer options and expectations for communication have evolved, contact center complexity has increased. So naturally, the complexity of forecasting and scheduling has also increased!