Transform Data into Decisions — Mobile Mini Improves Efficiency 85%

Cloud technology is not only here to stay but it’s poised to be the leading deployment model within just a few years. The continued attention and benefits that cloud technology provides is evolving a pace that legacy (on-premises) technology simply can’t keep up with. Besides the straight forward cost and efficiency benefits that this kind of software provides there’s the greater added benefit of making it easier to make your customers and agents happy. Making the move from dated on-premises solutions to the cloud might sound like a major undertaking but it doesn’t have to be and with the right partner it can be pain-free. The key is to transform data to make advantageous decisions.

A little more than a year ago Mobile Mini went through an evaluation process to determine what they could do to improve the customer experience they delivered while simultaneously improve all of their key performance indicators. The state of things was in need of improvement with some outdated technology and inconsistent metrics between various data repositories. Some believed performance as fine while the new leadership team started finding several areas of opportunity to make some changes. They have several hundred agent spread across multiple locations with multiple labor groups and queues in place due to technology limitations.

Fast-forward just 18 months and they now have a single queue to manage for all sites and agents, and improved their service level 95%, average speed of answer, occupancy and utilization, and their Net Promoter Score from 78.6 to 87.9. All in improving efficiency 85%. While the results didn’t come without effort they did come as the result of the right leadership making critical decisions to advance their technology solution to deliver superior results across all notable metrics.

The decision to make improvements to any technology solution requires adequate time and research to understand what your needs are and what providers meet your needs today and are preparing for your needs in the future.

Download this presentation to see how Mobile Mini put in the time to find the right partners to solve all of their needs and how it paid off.