Transforming Customer Experiences [New Video]

Over the years, we’ve grown as a company in size with many customers from mid-sized to large organizations, in government, non-profit and many different industries. We are now working with over 115 Fortune 500/Global 2000 companies. I’ve enjoyed getting to know many of our customers and their success stories including some pretty impressive results. This year we wanted to bring the inContact story to life based on our purpose and our promise. This new video is the result of that effort. We wanted to create a meaningful connection between what customers expect today and the need to transform customer experiences in order to achieve your goals. We are also continuing to create new case studies and customer videos that are the real proof behind our claims.

One highlight is the first video with inContact employees working in the new headquarters office in Sandy, UT. The new building has all the benefits of a modern working environment that helps us continue to innovate, collaborate and find new ways to address opportunities to help you transform one-on-one interactions with your customers.