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UK Contact Centres: Shift Focus

At some point in the procurement cycle for UK Contact Centres, the focus will turn to the business case and the return on investment. That’s only right and proper as buyers have a duty to their stakeholders to ensure that the investment makes sense. So it never comes as a surprise.

What does continue to surprise me is that the focus is so often on the cost side of the RoI model.

It’s no great problem for inContact because our cloud Contact Centre solutions offer an immediate and significant cost advantage, particularly because our solution requires little or no upfront cap-ex spend. Yet it is in the business-benefits side of the RoI model that an inContact cloud Contact Centre solution really comes into its own as it provides Contact Centre leaders with the ability to flexibly respond to changes in their customers’ behaviours.

In “The Hidden RoI of a Cloud Based Contact Centre”, The Aberdeen Group report a number of interesting findings that showed that “cloud-based contact centres are more likely than traditional contact centres to deploy business activities and technologies that help them realise quantifiable results while improving the overall customer experience”.

This is because technologies and services integrated and accessed through the cloud better help decision-makers understand customers at a personalised level and predict their future behaviours. “Smart businesses aren’t just keeping pace with their customers; they’re staying a step ahead of them,” says Cheryl Nolan, a director at Peppers & Rogers Group. “Today it is practical, as well as possible, to engage customers with differentiated experiences and to know our customers on a one-to-one level.”

The Contact Centre leaders that I talk to on a daily basis need to respond in “real time” to their customers’ questions, comments, and issues. These leaders need to be able to quickly synthesise, analyse, and act on customer insights from across an assortment of channels, and then make changes to customer service capabilities on the fly.

So the conversations we are having with Contact Centre leaders across the UK are focussed on greater agility and flexibility – on finding ways to optimise contact centre operations in a cost effective way.

After the New Year, you can join these conversations in The Institute of Directors. We’ll be hosting a Lunch & Learn event that will demonstrate the extraordinary benefit of cloud Contact Centre solutions. Stay tuned for updates on when you can register for the event.