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Upgrade Your Contact Center Game

It’s amazing how things have evolved over the last 25 years. We all know that our cell phones are more powerful than computers were just ten years ago, but did you know that 15 years ago I was recording agent calls on a speaker phone, with a tape recorder propped up next to it?!! All intra-office communications were done by phone or through an internal paper mail system.

Obviously some contact centers move faster than others, but overall, this world continues to move forward – without exception. At inContact we’re proud to power the future. In this post I’d like to address some of the powerful advancements that are available to you with our recent 15.1 release of inContact WFO Powered by Verint.

Move Your Game Forward

Managing the performance quality of your operation isn’t always a simple task. If your current process sounds something like the below you should seriously consider updating your software solution.

  • The QA (Quality Assurance) team identifies and scores 2-4 calls for each agent on the floor each month
  • They then notify the supervisor that an evaluation has been completed and the calls need to be reviewed with the agent
  • The supervisor then connects with the agent sometime after
  • The WFM (Workforce Management) team allows for supervisors to have a defined number of agents with an unavailable status for 15 to 20 minutes at a time, or perhaps the supervisor has to ask the WFM team for permission prior to pulling the agent
  • After all that the agent hears their call with their supervisor, maybe reviews the documentation (maybe signs something) and then it’s back to work

Some variation of this example is exactly how many contact centers conduct their operation, so if you’re one of them, you’re not alone. This is simply how we’ve evolved beyond the tape recorder days. However, with the perpetual improvement of technology, your contact center could have a much more unified solution that produces a better outcome and improves communication without any significant changes to any team member’s responsibilities. This is what the process looks like with inContact WFO:

  • The QA manager pulls calls that have been identified as high risk (by speech analytics) in addition to a selection at random
  • 100% of calls are run through speech analytics to identify risks or compliance adherence
  • After the calls are scored, the QA managers selects a coaching option in the QM platform
  • This selection automatically schedules the coaching to any available time slot identified by the WFM software while simultaneously notifying the supervisor and agent
  • As the coaching activity is scheduled in the WFM software, the WFM team will have an overview, and know who will be unavailable, for how long and they’ll know that the time slot was pre-approved to fit within the forecast
  • The agent should be notified 5 to 15 minutes before the coaching session takes place so they can ensure they’re not taking a call while participating in a session

No Time for Delays

Some call/screen recording solutions make you wait for hours or even days before the calls show up in the QM tool. In an age where we have instant access to information, your contact center recordings should be no exception. With inContact WFO you have access to your recordings just a few minutes after the call is completed. No more waiting or wondering how the most recent calls were handled. If follow up action is needed, you can quickly review what was discussed and ensure the correct action is taken.

Need More Security?

It’s become standard for call recording/QM technology to have the ability to “black out” portions of a recording that are deemed “private,” like social security or credit card numbers. What about the rest of the recording? If the entire call needs some level of protection outside of the fire wall security, you need to encrypt your recordings the moment the recording is rendered. This feature is now an option with inContact WFO.

Sounds cool, huh? Jump on board!! We continue to innovate our cloud technology for one reason: to help you change your game for the better.