Using Customer Value to Distinguish Service

How is your company catering to the specific needs of its varying customers?  Are you approaching each type of customer with a typically identical level of support?  If so, it's time to formulate a new strategy. Each and every customer brings a different value to your company and the differentiating level of support they receive should reflect that.

Are you aware that according to Accenture research, companies that have optimized their support channels to differentiate service by customer value have seen revenues rise by two percent while reducing operating costs by eight percent?  Service-level differentiation is no longer an option -- it is an absolutely critical component to success in today's complex business environment. 

In our upcoming webinar, inContact Senior Vice President of Professional Services Bassam T. Salem and I join forces with 1to1 Media's Executive Business Editor Tom Hoffman to enlighten attendees with practical applications and solutions to their service-differentiation questions and concerns.  

In this invaluable seminar, we'll discuss:

  • Why service-level differentiation matters and how it can be applied to develop trusting and profitable relationships with customers.
  • How to differentiate customers by their value and determine the type of support required to deliver the best possible customer experience in each interaction.
  • Best practices for encouraging certain customers to use self-service support tools.  
  • The role that social media plays in the service optimization mix and how it should be integrated into the overall service chain. 

We'll help you realize the benefits that companies can obtain by applying the right mix of self-service and agent-assisted support to deliver on customer expectations and boost business value.   Hope you can join us!

When: Wednesday, November 17, 2010 @ 1 p.m. EDT

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