Using Switches to Turn on the Power of myAgent

There several option switches that can be to used to enhance the operation of your myAgent and help with trouble shooting.

MyAgent is the client application that allows an inContact agent to connect to and interact with inContact taking contacts and placing calls.  The application can be run from the command line or a desktop shortcut and will prompt its user for station and agent information which can be manually provided at the time of login.  However, there are also14 option switches that can be used to enhance trouble shooting or facilitate easier and faster logins. 

If you have never used a switch, it is typically a letter, number or character that is included in the initial command line that starts a program.  Its purpose is to provide features and enhancements to the operation of that program.  Some of the common switches used by myAgent are the ‘-i’ used to provide a station id, the ‘-l’ used to supply your agent number and ‘-p’ for your password.  For trouble shooting a ‘-r’ will cause the myAgent to create detailed diagnostic logs of its actions.  If you use a shortcut on your desktop to start myAgent, your target line might look like this;

"C:\Program Files\INApps\MyAgent.exe" –l5555  –i666666 –p77777 –r”.

This will automatically log you into myAgent as agent ‘5555’, on station ‘666666’ whose password is ‘77777’ and it will enable logging for troubleshooting. 

There are option switches for both myAgent and inTouch.  Employing these switches can save time and help trouble shoot issues.  Contact your Customer Service Manager and ask them for the Command Line Parameters PDF.