Using WFO to Achieve Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage in a call center is all about providing best of breed service in the most efficient way possible which, to the many that strive for this, is more difficult to achieve than one might expect.  It is this difficulty that makes achieving such optimal levels a powerful advantage.  Although there are many factors that contribute to this success, a call center must focus on the agent to set itself apart. 

The agent is the primary touch point to customers within the call center and, according to The Pelorus Group, represents greater than 60% of the costs associated with running it.  As such, maximizing the effectiveness and efficiency of your agents and the processes surrounding them can result in significant improvements to both customer loyalty and call center operation costs. 

Workforce Optimization tools can help you get the most out of your agents.  These tools exist at all points of the call center life cycle from agent acquisition to analysis of agent transactions with the customers and everything in between.

1.  Reduced turnover by hiring the right people and determining the best ways to keep them motivated.

2.  Efficient training of agents, keeping them up to date without significantly impacting handle times or agent staffing needs.

3.  Real-time agent coaching and self-driven improvement using multiple data points from customers and supervisors.

4.  Reduced turnover by hiring the right agents and providing them with the tools and information that make their jobs less stressful.

Investing in such capabilities can empower your center to provide economical, exceptional service.