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WebHelp and Swedish Rail — Customer Experience on the Right Track

NICE research confirms this trend: Agent-assisted digital channels are gaining ground, with the largest growth in the agent-assisted web chat. SMS and mobile apps also have made gains, though less than chat channels (find more details here).

Companies face growing customer expectations — they want a true omnichannel experience supporting more and more digital channels. At the same time, the customer experience has become the #1 competitive differentiator, making many companies examine and reconsider their customer service strategies.

When Swedish Rail contacted WebHelp in its search for a contact centre partner to help the business transform its customer service, WebHelp knew that the NICE CXone call center software platform would provide the solutions to put Swedish Rail’s previously voice-centred customer service back on the right track.

Swedish Rail is a government-owned railway company headquartered in Borlänge that has 90% market share in the local passenger train market. The key strategy for its service transformation was to optimise the use of digital technologies by enhancing the customer experience — focusing on both ticket sales and customer communication done on smartphones as much as possible.

Swedish Rail wanted to deliver a unified customer experience across channels, guide its customers through the numerous digital innovations, and in the process, decrease costs by reducing the number of customer calls in the channel mix.

WebHelp with its CXone call center software platform had just the solutions Swedish Rail needed. CXone enables WebHelp to provide seamless integration across various interaction channels, together with a 360° view of customer data for agents to support personalisation via integration with Swedish Rail’s current CRM environment.

An overhaul of Swedish Rail’s website, including the web chat channel, empowered customers to have a self-service experience during digital purchases. The ability to actively guide customers to the most appropriate channel for their situations or issues reduced repeat contacts and increased the use of self-service and digital channels.

Lastly, proactive engagement on various social platforms (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn) helped Swedish Rail become one of the highest growth travel brands on social media in Sweden, outperforming both Scandinavian Airlines (SAS and Ving) as well as Silja Line, a Finnish cruise and ferry line.

For Swedish Rail and its partner WebHelp, the journey continues. They now are exploring new digital channels and looking into automating processes and interaction handling by using artificial intelligence (AI).

There are more stations on the way to an entirely seamless, AI-enabled digital customer journey, and Swedish Rail is definitely on the right track today — “picking up steam” in its digital transformation with a 25% increase in social media interaction since it joined forces with WebHelp and the CXone call center software “engine”.

Interested in finding out more about WebHelp and Swedish Rail, and their digital transformation journey? Listen to the webinar recording, "Fulfilling Changing Customer Expectations with True Omnichannel" .