WFM - Introducing a New Scheduling Process Part 5

OK, the schedule process changes are in full swing. Now what? Immediate and overwhelming success? That may be the case for a lucky few, but for the rest of us, we have to give it time. Part Five of a Five Part Series:

1.  Get Organized

2.  Ask Your Agents

3.  Share Your Strategy

4.  Test It

5.  Give It Time

I compare this experience to starting a diet or new exercise program.  You count calories or exercise daily yet you don’t see results overnight. It might take weeks or even a month before the results start to show up. Logic says that these things take time, but anyone who has ever dieted knows you want results right away.

Sound familiar? You might not see the results you want immediately, but in time, you will. Stay actively engaged while the contact center culture is adjusting and continue to be the champion for the process changes.  Keep your workforce strategy committee engaged and meet regularly to discuss progress, pain points, and areas for improvement.

Most importantly, remember to celebrate.  Encourage, thank, shower with praise and give credit where credit is due to your committee, your test group, your agents, and anyone else who helped you along the way.  Plan to celebrate and make it a big deal… because it is. When all is said and done, your hard work will be well worth the effort.