What are Bank Contact Centers Doing Right

inContact’s research shows that banking was in the highest tier for customer satisfaction with 54% of respondents ranking it for the most satisfied recent interaction.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) reported that banking customer satisfaction increased 5.3% for 2016, and courtesy and helpfulness of tellers or other staff was the top ranking subset, website satisfaction next and call center satisfaction rounding out some of the top categories of rating. Forrester Research, in their annual Customer Experience Index, also finds that banking and credit card companies lead the way in customer experience excellence when compared to other industries.

Banks generally make the news for focusing on customer service, look at their commercials, websites, etc. They want you to feel safe, secure, and special to use their services. Some even offer concierge services.

Despite the fact that nearly 6 in 10 banking customers prefer a more digital experience, research shows that customers are still opting for more traditional methods of customer service. And this could be one of the larger reasons the banking industry ranked so high – they do human and personalized service very well, and haven’t made huge pushes to digital.

In some ways, it may seem that the banking industry may move slower than others to adopt new technology, but considering the top three satisfaction areas for banking customers, this may not be a bad thing.

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