What is an Ecosystem

Every business has stakeholders.  The relationship between these stakeholders is at the heart of the growth and long-term viability of your business.  We at inContact like to sum up all of these relationships and call it an ecosystem.  You may have been thinking something more like a forest or a coral reef.  In any case there are lessons to be learned and applied.

Matt Despain and I have been talking a lot about inCloud, Coder Royale, and our great partners over the last few months.  Are you still a bit confused about what we are doing?  If so, or if you just really love the topic, come join us at ICUC for Ecosystem Insight: inCloud.  In this session we will provide more detail about inCloud and our ecosystem strategy.  We have a number of sessions at ICUC this year that will dive into the technology.  In this session we hope to give you a holistic view into the future of our platform and how it impacts contact center communication.

Let me sum it up this way.  We work every day to make the interactions you have with your customers successful.  Success is measured in a lot of different ways and we do our best to understand them all.  Do you think that sounds hard or maybe even impossible?  We do too.  It’s a challenge that we take very seriously.  Join us for this session and gain some insight into one of the strategies we deploy to make it a reality. 

We look forward to seeing you there.