What is Your Brand Experience

I stopped by Sonic today for a soda and was blown away by their gorgeous tulips - that perfectly match their brand color! I have no idea how they matched the red and yellow of the Sonic brand, but it was an excellent touch.

Developing a brand is definitely more than matching your flora to your brand colors, but every detail impacts the overall experience. The way that agents in a call center interact with customers is a foundational part of the brand experience, as are the recorded messages in your IVR, average hold times and the speed with which you reply to email.

I challenge you to take a step back from your day-to-day duties and examine whether the overall experience of your center reflects your brand and what you want your customers to think of your brand. Review your customer feedback and see if their impressions of your company are aligned with what you want to hear. Examine your KPIs and see if they are meeting your company goals. If not, consider how you can plant your own "tulips" that support your brand.