What Makes 'em Tick

Contact centers have made it part of their everyday business to survey customers following any type of contact. So, what are Customers saying? Here are some of the top complaints that customers have regarding contact centers and the services they provide.

1. Obvious Scripting: Customers have indicated they want to have conversations with the representatives they call. If it sounds like representatives are reading from a script, the customers will not be happy. 

2. Untrained Representatives: Simply training on the required “skills” no longer works. Representatives without the proper training cannot effectively process requests. Call centers should look at the amount and the quality of customer care and communication training that is provided to all the representatives. Emphasis should be placed on training that builds communication skills, even if there are certain bullet points or some “scripting” that needs to be followed.  

3. Repetitive Phrases and Questions: The use of repetitive phrases makes the call sound less like a conversation and diminishes the chances of the customer having a genuine interaction with the representative. Avoid words and phrases like “ma’am,” “Sir,” “I’d be more than happy to help you,” I understand” etc. Hearing these things over and over these rub customers the wrong way!

4. Excessive Wait Time: The longer it takes to get to an operator, the unhappier the customer gets. Ouch! 

5. Poor Communication: Lack of communication between departments in the company the customer is dealing with. it’s important for departments to talk to each other and work together to assist the customer and get the desired outcome! 

6. Repetitive Questions: Representatives shouldn’t ask the customer  to repeat the same information over and over

Now, after looking at the main complaints from customers, here are the top complaints from the contact center representatives about their jobs. 

1. Close Scrutiny by Managers:  The main message from representatives? STOP WATCHING ME SO CLOSELY!!! 

2. Poor Incentives: Representatives are unhappy with low compensation, including pay and bonuses. 

3. Robotic Scripts: See, the representatives don’t like them either! The wrong script can interfere with a reps ability to provide relevant information and connect with the customer. 

4. Monotonous and Stressful Days: Representatives experience high stress within a very repetitive job. Their stress can be minimized if schedules allow for reasonable breaks. One way to break up the repetition is to allow representatives to complete online training during their shifts. 

5. Poor Working Conditions: Things like small cubicles, too much noise, lack of break and lunch facilities add up to a lousy work environment. Basically, representatives want a comfortable place to be while they are away from their desks and those calls!  

6. Rude and Abusive customers:  ep, we’ve all had them and it is difficult to deal with and to get past to be ready for the next caller! Coach representatives so they are better prepared to deal with unpleasant calls. 

Call center managers need to be aware of the complaints coming from both their customers as well as their representatives. Happy employees mean happy customers and that, of course, is what we all want!