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‘What’s Next’ is Here Today: Integrating AI into CXone Solutions

Everybody’s talking about artificial intelligence (AI)! But if you’re like most, you’re wondering how to harness AI’s amazing potential and incorporate it into your contact center in ways that will benefit customers, agents and the organization. In fact, you may be wondering where and how to start.

Good news! Our webinar CXone and Artificial Intelligence in Action will answer these and many other questions. Moderated by Graham Allen, who leads CXone automation for NICE inContact and infusing AI across the CXone open cloud platform and product portfolio, this panel discussion also features three NICE inContact DEVone partners who offer AI solutions that seamlessly integrate with the CXone platform:

  • Ravi Raj– CEO & Co-Founder, Passage AI
  • Dan Garner – VP Solution Architecture, IMI Mobile
  • Dimitris Vassos CEO & Chief Software Architect, Omilia

In this webinar, you’ll learn how you can take advantage of the CXone open cloud platform and to expand your capabilities with bot-assisted interactions and conversational cross-platform automation. Ravi, Dan and Dimitris each share user cases, real-world stories around implementing and integrating AI into CX solutions and the resulting impacts.

We also take a look at what’s coming next—how do-it-yourself and full-service bots impact key areas:

  • Enhancing the customer journey – DIY AI engines or full-service AI solutions for an innovative customer journey
  • Bot agents – incorporating them into native workflow actions, blending converational self services; proactive agent assist & increases routing intelligence
  • Optimizing efficiencies – Incorporating bot agents / self service across the full contact center to optimize the experience and efficiencies.

Don’t miss this exciting webinar! Access CXone and Artificial Intelligence in Action.